Juice Bounce Balance Lifestyle


Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning and often start your day with already low batteries? If so, juicing can be the perfect solution for you! Your body is in fact a big juicer, but not a very efficient one. It only extracts up to 10% of the Nutrients whereas a good Juicer extracts up to 92%. You have to understand – It is the juices that feed us and the fiber that clean us. When you flood your body with freshly extracted natural juices, you relieve your body from a lot of work and save an enormous amount of energy. This saved energy can then be used for other things like more movement or repair and cleanup efforts by your body.



Now you can activate the freshly charged batteries in your body by swinging on the bellicon®. Your body is composed of over 70 trillion cells which are mainly made up of a fluid and are all surrounded by fluids. These fluids are responsible for the delivery and removal of substances. With every single bounce, every single cell and every single organ is trained and massaged. As a consequence, the exchange of substances in your cells are stimulated and accelerated. Therefore, a much higher oxygen assimilation, a more effective energy production, more effective delivery of nutrients and an improved removal of waste products are achieved.


Do you have the ambition to stay positive, fit and healthy right into old age? Do you want to feel like you did in your younger days? Wake up in the morning full of beans und in pleasant anticipation of the day ahead? Do you want to be able to fulfill your unrealised dreams also when you get older?
If so, then you are at the place. Because these are the exact expectations I have of my life and the reason why the Juice Bounce Balance Method was created. The combination of natural juices, rebounding on the bellicon and the right mindset creates the perfect condition. My family and I experiencing the amazing effects of the JBB-Lifestyle on a daily basis and I would like to show you how you can get there too.




„Frank presents the concept of the Juice & Bounce Lifestyle very competent, plausable, personal and in a funny manner. It makes sense, is fun and works in the long run! – And the juices all taste amazing!! What else can you ask for?!”

Nadine Lake Constance, SAP Markdorf

I am a child nurse and became seriously ill myself. But, I did not want to accept a long lasting pain therapie and to take medication for the rest of my life. I learned a lot of new actionable things in Frank’s seminar, which I could implement straight away in my daily life. By applying Franks approach and Lifestyle changes – “Natural Juices”, the right movement and relaxation exercises – I  managed to restore my health and old quality of life.
Thank you, Frank and Fiona !!!

Karin Hamma Child Nurse


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Juice and Bounce Seminar

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Airbus Health Day – Talk: Juice and Bounce

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